Abbey Wood is a district located in the South-East of London. It is about 17-18 kms east of Charing Cross, most of its area is in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Abbey Wood is calm and a really relaxing place as its history dates back to the 12th Century. While London on the other side, being a busy and somehow enchanting place, is really hard to explore. Abbey Wood just has a population of over 13000. So, you don’t need dates or times to be in the perfect place to explore it.
Being so close from all the other popular districts, it somehow catches a good amount of visitors each year. Mostly people visiting London often make their first tour destination to Abbey Wood if they’re just here to relax and enjoy the weather, although the weather is not that enjoyable. If you are coming to London to explore and enjoy you must make Abbey Wood in your to visit destinations.

Some of the most interesting places here are the ruins that date back to the 12th century, and not to forget the Lesnes Abbey Woods. A part of this ancient area is of high interest for the Scientists as it contains Paleogene fossils. Bostall Woods that is one of the top sites for Camping and festivities in London is here. There are so many other sites that i won’t describe, it’s on you, that you come and explore. You can also come to see Acton London Things to do. So you’d get a better idea of your tour!

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